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Want to know more about how to make your home – and life – a better place to be?

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I’ll be sharing my own stories (good, bad and disastrous!) and those of people I’ve helped.

General topics I’ll include (but won’t limit myself to – life’s far too juicy!)…

Feng Shui – for homes or business – if you’re buying, selling or renovating and more

Space Clearing / Energy balancing – what it is, why and when you would do it, and the benefits!

Clutter Clearing – helping you get clear in your home without feeling overwhelmed.

Crystals and crystal healing – information on various crystals, why I love them so much and how they can help you

Healthy Homes – how to make sure your home is a healthy place to be – alternative solutions to nasty chemicals in the home and all kinds of healthy home tips and info

Active Dreamwork – how you can work with your night-time adventures and tap into their power as tools for healing, guidance,survival and more!