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What is Feng Shui & how can it help you?


Feng Shui literally means “Wind Water”, and refers to the ancient Chinese practice of tuning in to the laws of the universe and the elements of nature, and using this knowledge to achieve balance, harmony and flow in our internal and external environments.

One of what the Chinese call “The Three Lucks” (the other two are Man Luck and Heaven Luck),  Feng Shui (Earth Luck) relates to your environment and how it affects and reflects your life.

Heaven Luck is your destiny, your life and soul’s blueprint and what you are born into, your Karma.

Man Luck refers to your character, and how you make your way through life – how your thoughts and actions, reactions and interactions shape your life.

There are three schools of Yang House Feng Shui – or Feng Shui for the living (Yin House Feng Shui focuses on finding auspicious burial sites for the dead).

Form School Feng Shui:

focuses mainly on the topography of the land and the importance of placement of objects or forms according to what are known as the “Four Animals”.

Compass School Feng Shui:

Also known as “Eight Mansions” or “Eight Houses”, deals with the Bagua map and the division of the house into 8 sectors, each of which relates to a particular area of your life. Each sector also relates to a particular season, element, number, person, body organ, body part and colours.

Flying Star School Feng Shui:

Said to be the most sacred, comprehensive and accurate school of Feng Shui, this school takes into account the influence of time on a building. This is because you are constantly evolving, and what works for you now may not work for you in 5 years, or even 5 months.

Every house has a chart of numbers, calculated specifically for that house, based on when it was built and what direction it faces. This chart has its basis on the one pictured, which is called the Luo Shu Grid, also referred to as the “Magic Square” or Earth Chart.

Your Perfect Space Feng Shui Luo Shu Grid Flying Stars

The Magic Square is also the basis for the Compass School form of Feng Shui.

Just as no two people are the same, you can’t take a chart for one house and apply it to another.

So even if you took 5 identical kit homes – once they are placed on different blocks of land, in different places and positions, they will create and attract different situations and energies for the people living in them.

Every sector of your house has a combination of numbers from this chart applied to it. Every number, and every number combination, means something – carries a particular energy. 

I have never been to a house where this wasn’t 100% accurate for the people living in the house.

As an example, in our current time cycle, which goes from 2004 – 2024, the number 8 is referred to as the “Divine Water Dragon” in the wealth position or the “Divine Mountain Dragon” in the health/relationships position. This means at the moment it carries the best energy possible for both finances, and health and relationships.

Therefore in any house, in this time period, you want these numbers to be somewhere “usable”, where they are benefiting you and your loved ones.

Like at the front door, which signifies the wealth potential entering the house.

And in the bedroom where you sleep, signifying excellent health and relationships.

Some numbers are neutral, meaning what you do with the space will either bring out their positive or challenging qualities, and other numbers are downright challenging –  with these energies, it’s best if they are somewhere you don’t spend a lot of time, or the bathroom, where they get flushed or drained away.

We can’t move these numbers unless you do major renovations (which is why it’s a great idea to have an assessment conducted before renovating!), but we can activate the good ones and remedy or neutralise the challenging ones.

Some houses have fantastic potential and just need to be activated or shuffled around a bit. With some others, unfortunately, it’s really just a case of damage control and moving on when you can, or when you’re ready for a better situation.

Your Perfect Space - Feng Shui and Energy Balancing

In your home assessment:

I  work with all three schools to get the deepest and most accurate insight into your home and life, meaning much more potential for improvement.

I also explore ‘Modern’ Feng Shui, otherwise known as building biology, which looks at any health issues or hazards that may be caused by household chemicals or building materials, air or water pollution, issues such as mould or dust mites, electromagnetic fields and so on.

Building biology is one of the greatest contributors to health issues in this day and age, so it is vital increase awareness about how this impacts you and your loved ones every day in your home.

Your Perfect Space - Feng Shui and Energy Balancing

As I always say to my clients, awareness is the key!

Once you know what you’ve got going on and where the changes need to be made, you can choose to do something about it and start to create a better life!

For more information or to book an assessment, give me a call or send me a message.

Wishing you health, wealth, love and happiness.

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