Dreams are the guiding words of the Soul. What do your dreams mean? Dreamwork sessions and groups

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What do your Dreams Mean and why should you work with them?

Although many dreams seem, at first glance, to be jumbles of cryptic or senseless imagery, they have a very real and important purpose in our lives.

Ancient cultures literally lived by their dreams, and time and time again over millennia dreams have provided not only day to day guidance, but they have ensured the very survival of countless people and societies.

Below is a brief snapshot of some of the ways your dreams can help you if you honour them and work with them:

Dreams can help:

  • Solve problems
  • Prepare you for future opportunities and challenges
  • Reflect your actions and behaviours back to you
  • Show you what you need to do to stay well or become well (in body, mind and spirit)
  • Access and manifest creative inspiration and ideas
  • Make the best and healthiest choices to live well
  • Help you find and reintegrate divided or lost parts of your self (also known as  Soul Retrieval)
  • Improve your relationships (with others and with yourself)
  • Remember your greater story and purpose in life.

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To help you decode and work with your dreams, I offer

Private Dreamwork Sessions

Weekly Dream Groups / Classes

Dream workshops & presentations for groups & events

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Being part of a community of dreamers…

Where every dream & every dreamer is honoured & respected,

& there is no judgement or projection.

Where someone can say to you (or you to them)

“If that was my dream, this is what it would mean for me…”

And you each get the benefit of the experiences & insights of a whole range of people.

Versus just your own.

Can you imagine

how incredibly helpful and empowering this can be when working with a dream

that you just don’t know what to do with?


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