Tips to improve dream recall

Tips to improve dream recall

Where attention goes, energy flows.

If you begin to pay some attention to your dreams, even if they seem to be non-existent, you will start to reap the rewards and improve dream recall.  

Follow these simple tips to improve dream recall and you’ll be amazed at what starts to emerge.

Your “Tools”

  • If you don’t already have one, buy a journal to dedicate to your dreaming.
    My personal preference, having tried many journals over many years, is the A5 hardcover Spirax journals. They come in a range of great colours, and they are very easy to write in and carry around in your bag, which I often do.
  • Use a “dreaming pen” – sounds mystical, but my dreaming pen is actually just a pen I really love to write with, that I keep with my journal (I’m a stationery geek, and I’ve found I love the Kikki.K ballpoint pens
  • Keep a torch by your bed, next to your journal.
    This is really important, particularly if you don’t sleep alone, as often the worry about waking a partner or child up will stop you from jotting notes down in the middle of the night.

Your routine: 

  • Before sleep, set an intention to remember your dreams, and if you have a particular issue you’d like clarity on, set an intention to dream on it.
    And write it down.

    Eg. “Tonight my intention is to receive clarity about…..”
     Or    “Tonight please show me what I most need to know right now” (this is a good one!)
  • If possible, wake without an alarm clock. Dreams can vanish very quickly, so if you can train yourself to wake naturally and stay in bed even for a few minutes, the place between sleep and awake is extremly potent and juicy.
  • Pay attention to fragments.
    Often the most profound insights can come from the tiniest wisps or fragments.
  • If you don’t recall your dreams, notice what you wake up with.
    A feeling, a word, a song, an idea. Write those down and play with them. Most likely they’ve come from your dreaming.
  • Take the essence of a dream out into the world with you. And notice what comes your way. Anything unusual or noteworthy. Jot it down. Play with it.
  • Have fun with it! Play. Start talking about your dreams with people you know will get it. Join a dream group and connect with other dreamers.

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