weight of expectations. How to find joy and take life less seriously

The weight of expectations

Let’s talk about the weight of expectations – more specifically, the expectations you load upon yourself, and the enormous burden of pressure you place on yourself by living like this.

Recently I witnessed a beautiful, brave, strong person literally crushing herself under the weight of her expectations on herself to be “spiritual”. She has been through unimaginable trauma and  I am in awe of her healing journey and honoured to be a part of it, but I had to call her out on this “spiritual” expectation that is not only not serving her, it’s actively holding her back.

Too many amazing people – and make no mistake – every single person on this earth is amazing – beat themselves up daily over not being good enough. Not kind enough, not patient enough, not saying / doing the “right” things, not responding the “right” way to various situations. Not being “spiritual” enough. Not learning their lessons well enough or fast enough or the “right” way.

I’m one of them. So I can recognise it when someone else does it. And of course it’s easy to call someone else out on it and help them navigate a change of perception, not so easy when you have to look at your own behaviours and beliefs.

One of my all time favourite quotes is this (I saw it on a greeting card once, bought the card and still have it): 

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly

To me this is one of the most valid – and valuable – pieces of wisdom I’ve ever encountered.

So if you are one of these people who is burying yourself under the weight of “spiritual” expectation, stop right now, and do this instead.

Accept that you are perfect in your IMperfection. IMperfect = I’m perfect. 🙂

Instead of trying to adhere to the unforgiving rules of the spiritual self, instead focus your energy on finding Joy, Laughing (especially at yourself) and expect only the unexpected. Make friends with the trickster in your life (more on that later).

Leave space for the mystery and the adventure in your life and your SELF, the hidden treasures and the awe-inspiring Great Unknown. That is where the magic is.  

How do you burden yourself with expectations? What’s one action you could take to lighten up, find joy and have a laugh? Make yourself accountable and share it here. ♥

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