The Power of Intention


I spent my New Year’s Eve at home making a vision board and setting my intentions for the year to come. Best NYE I’ve had in years, and exactly what I needed to do to recalibrate and enter the new year the way I wanted (and needed) to.

I did this because my last few years have been full of challenge (and I know I’m certainly not alone in this!), and I feel that much of the time I have been in a reactive state – reacting to what life was throwing at me. This constant reacting means you are always on the back foot, kind of weathering the punches, instead of striding forth and taking what you want from life, circumstances be damned.

My vision board and intention-setting carries quite a different energy to that of new year’s resolutions, which more often than not seem to end in failure.

According to Wikipedia, “Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.” Interestingly, in medicine, the word is also used to describe the healing process of a wound. My intention-setting is just that – a commitment to outcomes – a desire map, of how I want to feel, what I wish for in my life – on which to focus. That’s a powerful energy, because when you don’t focus on the sometimes impossible-seeming hows, you’re leaving the way open for all kinds of magic to happen.

Whilst the clocking over into a new calendar year undoubtedly carries a powerful energy, you don’t need to wait to create a vision board or set an intention on a particular day, under a full moon, at a solstice, or whenever someone else tells you it’s a potent time.

If you want to wake up on a Wednesday morning and set an intention, then that’s just as powerful for you as any other time.

A few days into the new year, I was at a beautiful women’s dance circle I attend regularly. The facilitator asked each of us to choose our word for the year. At the end of the evening, we each wrote our chosen word on a stone, then shared it with the group.

My word was “Determination”. I didn’t so much choose it, rather it leapt into my mind. I keep my determination stone on my kitchen bench as a daily reminder to honour my intentions and the vision board I created to lead me powerfully and positively into and through this year.

Next to my determination stone is a Golden Topaz crystal, which carries a strong energy of intention. Almost a month into the new year, these little talismans continue to remind me that when I’m feeling afraid, or stuck, or overwhelmed, I can push through. They remind me to focus on the energies I want, rather than the things that I worry about. And they remind me that doing just one tiny thing each day to honour my intention and my vision will get me closer to the life I want to live.

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