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“The changes we felt after Kate did a space clearing at our house were almost instantaneous.”

“It’s very hard to explain, but after moving into a house that had a 40 year history, it did not quite feel like ours. By the time Kate had finished, it felt lighter, cleaner, and finally like it contained my and my family’s energy. Since that time, we have made the progress that we wanted to make in our relationships and careers… everything we want really feels it is being supported by where we live. Thank you so much Kate for the wonderful work you do in supporting our lives in this way”. Lisa Brown, Kunghur, NSW

“My feng shui consultation with delightful Kate was so much more than I could ever have anticipated.”

For starters I had previously thought that my messy/cluttered/annoying parts of the house were “under control” – boy was I wrong about that!

Once Kate did the assessment, space clearing and subsequent re-ordering I was stunned by how calm I felt (instead of anxiously seeing all the things that needed to be done as I moved through my home) and secondly how BIG my home felt once all the stuff, and more importantly my worry attached to it, was cleared, sorted and transformed.

Thank you so much Kate! My experience with your feng shui consultation and Space Clearing session has left me feeling light, free and clear.  I am ready to welcome guests into my home and more than ready to dive into my new business venture with charged up batteries. You are the best!” – Annie Barratt – Bribie Island

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“You are a truly gifted and intuitive healer.”

“Sincere thanks to you Kate for the wonderful Crystal Energy Healing session.  It really was an amazing experience.  

From the very beginning I could feel your channelled energy filling and warming my body , allowing me to feel blissful and peaceful, all pain and stress leaving my body and mind.

The crystals placed on my head and body amplified the healing energy and I “went somewhere else” for a while.  Meeting my totem animal (an owl, you were spot on there!) was moving and empowering.

What a magic space to be in….I didn’t want the session to end!

Afterwards, that evening, I had lots of energy and most importantly, the fatigue that I’ve been feeling daily (and was quite worried about) for the past six months, has disappeared completely.  The next day my energy levels were back to normal and have been so ever since.

You are a truly gifted and intuitive healer.  Thank you so much for sharing this energy with me.

I look forward to another session with you very soon.” –  Karrie Ezart – Byron Bay

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“You really are a brilliant healer”

“You really are a brilliant healer and I am glad to know that you are doing CRT (Crystal Resonance Therapy) in Australia!”Naisha Ahsian – Sedona

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“You are the key to my spiritual development”

“You are truly inspiring and whenever I see you I feel full of good vibes and learn something new. You are the key to my spiritual development”Madonna Chave – Currumbin

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“I have experienced massive realisations and guidance for my life.”

“The question I would have asked before I completed one of your dream workshops is: how can dreams help me in my daily life?

Luckily I have done your dreamwork and I have experienced massive realisations and guidance for my life. I have taken what I would have considered to be risks that I would not have taken if it wasn’t for the interpretation of my dreams. The dreamwork has given me confidence and courage to move forward and become ‘unstuck’.    Dianne Elson – Townsville