Space Clearing Tips for Travellers

Have you ever arrived at a hotel room (or spare room in a house) and you just feel yuck? You arrive somewhere late at night, alone, and you feel out of your depth and homesick, or a bit vulnerable and emotional. Or when you enter, the room simply doesn’t feel good, you feel uncomfortable and you really don’t like the idea of being in the room for any length of time, let alone trying to sleep in it.

Hotel rooms have seen and heard A LOT. Goodness only knows who’s been sleeping (or other activities) here, and what their state of mind was at the time.

Many places of high traffic flow and transit absorb a lot of energy, and even if it’s not heavy or negative, I kind of liken it to getting into a bath that perhaps 100 people (maybe 1000!)  have been in before me. If I have to dip a toe in it’s one thing (like walking into a shop I can leave quickly) but I don’t want to wallow in it for any length of time.

Quite aside from that, many places, particularly smaller guesthouses or even friends’ houses, contain antique ornaments or furniture, which also hold a lot of old energy that can really impact a room (particularly if it’s a bed).

So if I know I’m travelling and staying for even one night in a hotel or other accommodation, there are a couple of things I’ll take with me so I can give the space a mini clearing when I arrive.

And honestly, it might sound like overkill, but you really do feel the difference. So I want so share my Space Clearing tips for travellers with you…

There are three simple tools I pack.

Space Clearing tips for travellers, Your Perfect Space

  1. A piece of Black Tourmaline (read about Black Tourmaline).
  2. A bottle of clearing spray – my two favourites are Serapis Bey Quintessence (an Aura Soma product) and Vanessa Megan “Spice of Life” room spray, but there are lots of others to choose from as well.
  3. Salt (many hotels have small sachets of salt and sugar already in the room)

So how do I use them?

First, I set my intention to clear and purify the space.

Place the Black Tourmaline by the bed.

Pour the salt into a bowl or cup and fill with warm water. Place that in a central point in the room. (read more about how salt works here)

If you’re using a room spray, just walk around the room with your intention spraying it into the air. Pay particular attention to corners and over the bed.

If I’m using Serapis Bey quintessence, I place several drops into one hand, rub my hands together and then walk around the room, “combing the air”.

A fourth thing you can do, might sound weird, but really effective, is to walk around clapping your hands. Sound cuts through energy like nothing else, and it can dislodge any heavy or stagnant energy, so again, this is particularly good to do in corners.

Not only will this make the room feel better to you and create a much more pleasant space, you’re doing the next occupants a great favour as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this works for you, or if you have your own method of clearing a travel space.Join our Tribe - Subscribe

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