Golden Healer Quartz with Hematite – SOLD


Measures approx. 5.5cm wide x 4.3cm deep x 4.5cm high.

Golden Healer Quartz is described as emanating an energy that is simultaneously “gently soothing” and “powerful.” Believed to increase creativity and self confidence, it is said to enhance success in business and other ventures. It is also said to cleanse the soul and assist those involved in spiritual work, in that it can facilitate even long distance spiritual communication (including between worlds), help you to discover your spiritual purpose, enhance psychic abilities, and serve as a natural computer or “spiritual library,” storing information for access at a later date.

Golden healer quartz may also enhance meditative states, helping you to keep focus and filtering out many distractions. Additionally, this crystal is claimed to connect its keeper with the energy of the Christ (and thus join the will with Divine will), assist you in maintaining integrity in relationships, instill within you the desire to move forward in life, and more.

Golden Healer Quartz has been used by crystal healers to cleanse and enhance the health of all of the organs of the body. It is sometimes used to stimulate the body’s immune system, and its energy is believed to invoke overall healing on all levels.

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Extremely grounding & protective, Hematite helps you to manifest higher frequency energies, & harmonises mind, body & spirit.

It stimulates concentration & focus, & enhances mental capacity, and is said to aid circulation & help with blood conditions.

“Hematite brings the highest frequency into the range of physicality, so we can manifest our highest purpose through our physical existence”.

Hematite encompasses both male and female polarities – the yin and the yang – creating a balanced energy that contains the opposites within the whole, and that helps us to balance those opposites and polarities to manifest a healthy and integrated reality.


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