Black Tourmaline set of 6


Black Tourmaline set of 6 for gridding a space.

Black Tourmaline is a fantastic crystal for settling energy that is scattered or flighty, particularly when used in grid form. Due to its hexagonal structure, grids should be created using 6 pieces, or multiples of 6, although it can also work well simply to place a piece in each corner of a room.

Black Tourmaline is the perfect crystal for grounding and calming. Holding a piece is great to draw stress and negativity away from you, as it absorbs and transmutes these energies.

♥ I always carry a Black Tourmaline crystal with me in my bag, and it has been the best energetic First Aid in a number of situations. I don’t recommend giving it to someone to use though, unless you plan on letting them keep it or give it a very good cleanse afterwards. ♥

It is one of the most effective crystals used for absorbing “negative” energy from other sources, including artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which are radiated out of most appliances, but especially computers, TVs, cordless phones and microwaves.