Aventurine Flat Stone


Aventurine Flat Stone

Aventurine is a nurturing and gentle, yet deeply potent crystal that connects with your heart chakra and has a healing, soothing and cooling effect on the physical heart and lung area of your body, activating and opening those areas on a subtle energy level to bring balance and healing.

Resonating with the pure green ray of the heart, Green Aventurine brings a beautiful energy of growth, renewal and healing not just to your heart area, but to your whole being, and connecting with its energy can help to awaken you like a sleeping seed that receives the energy she needs to grow into a beautiful, strong, vibrant and healthy plant, rising up to the light.

Aventurine is wonderful for calming and balancing many different physical and emotional issues, including stress and anxiety, and can be carried or placed over any area of the body where there is imbalance or discomfort.

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