Private Dreamwork session with Kate Creevey in person or via skype

Private Dreamwork Session with Kate

How does a private dreamwork session work? 


Every dream, whether an epic or a fragment, offers gifts you can use practically in waking life.

In a private dreamwork session we work together to unwrap and understand the gifts and healing guidance your dreams are offering you so you can use and benefit from them.

Just as every dream is unique, every session will be woven slightly differently to honour your journey and the journey of a particular dream, however a session will go something like this:

♥ First, I ask you to tell me the story of your dream and I may ask you some clarifying questions.

♥ Then together we explore the various aspects of your dream – characters, images, feelings, locations and so on, bringing to light associations and connections with your waking life.

♥ Sometimes we will conduct a guided dream reentry, where you revisit the dream or a part of the dream in a safe way with focused intention to ask questions and get more information or clarity.

♥ Before you depart, we will decide on a specific action for you to take to honour the dream and bring its power into your life.

Although I guide you, you are the expert on your dreams, and only you can know if something feels right and resonates with you. You decide how deep you wish to dive, and what you will take away with you.

the butterfly effect healing


A private dreamwork session can be held in person or via Skype and will typically last for about an hour, sometimes longer if needed.

A dreamwork session can also be combined with a Crystal Healing session.


♥ Private Dreamwork session (approx 1 hour)  …   $80

♥ Dreamwork & Crystal Healing session combined (approx 2 hours)  …   $150

♥ Dedicated Crystal Healing session  …   $80

For more information or to book a private dreamwork session,

contact Kate now via phone on 0413 003 301 or email