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Primus Activation Meditation


Created by my teacher, crystal expert Naisha Ahsian, PAHT is a Heart Activation process that causes the electromagnetic field of the body – otherwise known as the Aura – to resonate with specific energy frequencies that create measurable physical effects and powerful spiritual awakening.


When I trained to become a Primus Activation Healing Practitioner many years ago, I committed to offering regular free Primus Activation Healing meditation to share the healing benefits of this powerful practice.

It is now time to go beyond my local community and reach more people by offering the process as a guided meditation online, and I’m so excited to reach people all through the wider community in an easily accessible way!

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If you practise Primus Activation Meditation on a regular basis…

As well as feeling the benefits in your own body and energy systems, you will automatically radiate that healing energy to anyone within your energy field while you maintain that state!

The more you practise entering the activated heart state, the easier it will become and the more natural it will feel. You will start to operate more and more from your heart space, rather than from a state of stress.


  • Progressive release of tension from the body
  • Change in breathing
  • Feelings of being present with your body and surroundings
  • A feeling of deep calm or peace
  • Experiences of joy, bliss, sometimes tears
  • Spiritual experiences (eg. visions, colours, etc)
  • Much more positive emotional state, often a state of real bliss.
  • There may be visual light effects, aura perception, increased intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • Increased creativity.
    (I find this process particular helpful when i’m feeling stuck or blocked, so I often time my practice to before I sit down to write or create something new.)


  • Decreased experience of “negative” moods
  • Stress relief (and a decrease in stress response)
  • Decreased reactions to past “trigger” experiences
  • Feeling of physical calm and well being
  • Pain relief and a decrease in intensity of other symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease
  • Improved immune response
  • More physical vitality and a stronger energy field
  • Better sleep
  • Increased appreciation for life and all of its experiences
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Increased immune protection, physical vitality and general health
  • Stronger sense of connection to the Divine
  • Increase in focus on spiritual development

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