Spring Cleaning Tips for a healthy home by Kate Creevey of Your Perfect Space

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy & Happy Home

What do you want more of in your life? What’s lacking or not working? Is anyone in your household not doing so well?

Many of us tend to ignore important questions like these as we focus on our daily lives, but Spring is the perfect time for taking stock, getting real, and making changes.

“Spring Cleaning” isn’t a modern-day term, and it isn’t just limited to cleaning your house physically. The term originally referred to a whole space-clearing ritual used to banish old energy and bring in fresh new energy and opportunities, and it’s incredibly powerful.

Take a moment to still your mind and have a good look around your home. Breathe deeply and really tune into the space you inhabit.

Your home is actually a spookily accurate profile of your whole life. Every part of it relates not only to an aspect of your life – love, finances, creativity, etc. – but also to each person living in the house and their ability to thrive.

Imagine your self-employed husband is having trouble getting his invoices paid, money’s tight, you’re stressed and anxious, and you can’t see how it will improve? It’s likely that something in the area relating to him, or to your finances, is blocking the flow, and if changed, things will start moving again.

Or say you crave a positive relationship, but your love area is in an overstuffed cupboard. Shutting things in a cupboard or stuffing them under your bed may get them out of your sight, but they’re still dictating what you do – and don’t – attract into your life.

Getting your house in order, inside and out, is a fantastic start to the new season, and will definitely bring more positive flow into your life.

Some great Spring cleaning tips to get you started:

  1. Open windows and doors and let fresh air in! We tend to close our houses up tight during winter, so by this time of year the air can be pretty stale, particularly in houses with fireplaces or unflued gas heaters, which create an enormous amount of dust or nasty lingering toxins.
  2. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner – one with a Hepa filter and, if you have carpeted rooms, a turbo head. This is especially important if anyone in your house suffers from allergies, which can rear their ugly heads particularly in Autumn, when mould and dust mites become more active, and spring, when the pollens are flying.
  3. We are lucky to live in a place where health and environmental awareness is high, but I still see too many chemicals around. Throw out bleaches and nasty toxic cleaners!

    One of the best cleaners is easy and cheap to make (and excellent for cleaning mould!)  – a bucket of hot water, a capful of Eucalyptus oil, a cupful of (good quality) White Vinegar and a splash of eco-friendly detergent.
  4. Light candles and play music you love while you’re cleaning. It not only lifts your own energy, but it lifts the vibe of your whole house!
  5. Buy some fresh flowers – just discard them when they start wilting!
  6. It might sound strange, but good old rock salt is fantastic for absorbing icky energy! Fill some small containers with salt and place them in any area that could do with a lift. Leave them there for a couple of days, then toss them out.

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