Love the Home you have to manifest a new one! Your Perfect Space

Love the home you have first

I just bought a house! After 2 years of searching, when it finally happened, it happened really fast! In fact, I’m still reeling. I’m excited for many reasons, but mostly what I want to share with you here is how I finally got my act together and manifested it.

Months ago my daughter and I had sat down and written/drawn a list of the things we wanted our new house to do for us. We listed both physical features and a lot of intangibles, stuff like “it needs to support us financially” and so on. I felt so positive, but then we encountered block after block, which really wore me down over several months.

Then one morning recently I woke up and had this lightning bolt moment of realisation that I had been spending so much time feeling frustrated and negative about the house we’re currently living in that there was literally no room for something better to enter my life.

So that day, I made a conscious decision to change my way of thinking, and I committed to a simple but incredibly powerful practice.

First, I wrote down in my journal: “From today I choose love and vibrant health”. And then I committed to spending a couple of minutes every single night before sleep (no matter how tired or resistant I feel) to writing down at least 3 things I feel grateful for.

I decided to pour love into this house, and I focused on loving it, and being okay with the possibility that perhaps this is where we need to be for the foreseeable future.

I spent money I’d resisted spending for 1 ½ years on shelves and furniture to make us more comfortable, and I also spent money on buying a whole lot of pot plants, vegie seedlings and a lemon tree. These are all things I’d been missing, and I didn’t want the lack of space to stop me from enjoying gardening any more!

Well, some days it was tough to stick to my love and gratitude plan, but I forced myself to continue the practice, and within 3 weeks, I found the house that matched everything on our list. Not only that, but within 4 days, we’d exchanged contracts.

That was just this week, so we have the fun of moving to come, and even more exciting, I’m working on a plan to share the whole Feng Shui and Space Clearing process with you, so you can see exactly how it all works!

Next time I’ll be sharing how my dreams helped me with this process as well. Stay tuned….

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