How the layout of your home affects your eldest son.

When I first moved in with my husband, the East sector, governing family relationships and health, was located primarily in the kitchen, which was a happy and bustling place, full of life and laughter, creativity and nurturing. A kitchen that is well used and loved, and in which everything is in good working order, is a wonderful enhancer of positive energy.  

Several years down the track, when I became pregnant with our daughter, we realised we needed to extend our home to make room for her, as we had two growing and energetic boys in the house and no room for a third child.

Extending the house was a tricky thing to do for various reasons, but we eventually came up with a plan we were happy with, and off we went. Now back then I didn’t have the knowledge or experience I have now. I had a very basic “beginner’s” knowledge of Feng Shui, and I found out much later that it actually wasn’t particularly accurate.

So we excitedly set about extending our home, and boy did our family dynamic start to change in the years following. Relationships started cracking and our eldest son, who was then about 15 years old, started to get into trouble… (note: obviously this is not uncommon with teenagers, and happily after a few rocky years he’s turned out fine!)

Why do I particularly mention the eldest son?

Because the East sector also relates to the eldest son in a household, and his motivation, wellbeing and how he thrives. If this sector is out of balance, all sorts of things can start to play out, and in our house, it was all happening.

So what happened when we renovated?

Many things in fact, but for now we’re focusing on one particular area… In extending the house, it changed the central heart of our home from the dining room into the laundry (another article, coming soon) and it shifted the location of some of the sectors, including the East sector. The house became an L-shape, with the result that the East sector was now located on the back deck- ie. it fell outside the house, which means it became what we call a completely missing sector.

Click here to find out what that means for the eldest son and for family relationships in general.

Now here’s something I’ll continue to reiterate throughout my work – changing a building does not actually create the energy dynamic – it reflects it. But that’s what makes it so interesting. That energy dynamic needed to play out, and so we unwittingly created the space that reflected it!

When you choose a home to live in, you are attracted to the imprint of that house for a reason, because like it or not, it holds all your family’s lessons, challenges and treasures just waiting to be brought to life.

A very similar thing happens when you renovate. Renovations always happen when the energy dynamic of a family or person is changing. As in the example above, having a baby changes your life enormously, as does the growth and evolution of your children and relationships. Likewise many other life milestones. So renovating with awareness can make an enormous difference to supporting you through these various changes, if you let it.

I say if you let it, because I have advised people against certain renovations and recommended alternatives, and they have ignored the advice and gone ahead with what they want to do. This is an example of a strong imprint, and a situation / dynamic that clearly needs to play out.

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