How important is colour in your home?

Colour is hugely important, not just in terms of Feng Shui, but in terms of your entire life experience.

Working with crystals and vibrational healing for many years, including years of interpreting Aura photos during my time working at Crystal Castle, I learnt a lot about colour and about how it affects us in many different ways and on many different levels.

Colour, like everything else in our world, is simply energy vibrating at a particular frequency, so when you feel especially attracted to, even crave, a certain colour, or group of colours, you are craving a feeling, but deeper than that, an energy. Likewise, if a particular colour is repellent to you, there’s a deeper reason for that.

Visible colour spectrum

This is obviously a vast topic, and one I explore in detail in my sessions and workshops , but for now, given the basics, let’s look at how this works in your home.

Feng Shui works essentially with the five elements from which the entire world is created, and maintaining or creating a balance between these five elements is fundamental to living a balanced life, in harmony with nature, both in our external and internal environments.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, of which Feng Shui is a branch, each area of your home, body and life is governed by a different element – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Each element is supported or nourished by a particular colour (energy) or group of colours.

Feng Shui Five Elements Nourishing and destructive cycles

This means that you want to have colours in each area of your home that support the energy and the element of that area.

For example: your “Marriage and Partnerships/Relationships” area is located in the South West sector of your home and is governed by the Earth element.

Earth element energy and colours are warm, nurturing, grounding – earthy. Colours in the spectrum of browns, red-oranges, yellows.

So imagine your house features only black and white, that’s what you’re drawn to, and you have none of these earthy colours anywhere to be seen.

Black and white don’t feed or nourish the energy in this area, and you may find that your relationships are out of balance or absent (and I include here your relationship with yourself).

Now, you might not like earthy colours, and that’s fine. You don’t need to have them all over the place, and you certainly don’t need to paint all your walls bright yellow.

But what you might want to do, if you wish to enhance and improve your relationships, is add a touch of colour, add some of that element.

This could be in the form of an artwork, a statue or sculpture, a crystal, a candle or ornament of some sort. Or a vase of brightly coloured flowers (as long as they are refreshed regularly).

Black and white with a pop of colour

There are many ways you can add a colour or an element into a space to to enhance the energy or element and create some balance in the environment (and thus in your life).

The most important two things are:

  • whatever you add, needs to be noticeable
  • you need to like it.

It is preferable only to have things in your home that you consider to be useful and/or beautiful. (spouses’ or children’s or flatmate’s “ugly” possessions are another article altogether – coming soon… )

The only colour you need to be very careful with is red. Red can be used to remedy certain challenges, but it can also cause problems or aggravate situations in certain areas. Click here to read more about the colour red in the home.

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