The colour red – passion or warning?

Red is the colour of passion and fire, and in Feng Shui it has a very strong impact on a space.

Whether this impact is positive or negative in your life depends on where it is.

In some areas a strong fire form such as red needs to be used to neutralise a challenging energy, however in other areas, such as the one pictured, the strong red can stir things up and have an enormously challenging impact on the occupants. 

The couch pictured is one of two that moved from house to house with me over many years. I bought them from a friend and loved these couches from the moment I saw them. 

So when I met my husband and moved in with him, it was only natural that eventually his really old, dodgy couch got the boot and my beautiful red couches moved in as well. 

An important note is that they were actually in storage for a couple of years before they moved in, because he was very attached to his dodgy old couch and refused to part with it until it literally fell apart… this is important because we were obviously in the honeymoon phase of our relationship and whilst there were challenges – and quite big ones, we were so in love they didn’t make more than a slight dent in our bubble.

Back then I knew “a bit” about Feng Shui, as I’d been dabbling in it by reading books (as it turned out not particularly accurate ones) and applying it in my various homes to some effect, however what I didn’t know until later was that this red in fact was the last colour that should have been in that room. 

The lightbulb moment came after studying serious Feng Shui, which made me realise the effect they were actually having. This is very personal stuff, so I need to limit what I share and won’t go too deep, but imagine just as a part of it, increasing arguments, a steady decrease in motivation and energy in my husband, issues with our relationship, his career and more.

Was it really the couches? Or would these things have happened anyway?

The thing is, we attract items and energies into our space that support experiences or challenges we need to go through. If we didn’t need to go through them, or when their time is up, the energy flow naturally starts to change. 

This is where Feng Shui is so helpful. It alerts us to what’s going on in our lives. Then, it’s up to us what we do with that awareness. We have the power to make positive change and improvements in most situations, but often we choose not to.

Food for thought.

In the instance of these couches, if our living room was in a different area of the house, they may have been fine. But here, they caused problems. I used my awareness and convinced my husband it was time for new couches – nice, neutral ones. I didn’t explain why, as he wouldn’t have believed me. And it took a while to convince him.

Removing the red couches certainly didn’t fix everything, but it did improve the energy dynamic in some areas where it really needed changing.  

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