How do I start working with a dream?? Ask Kate Messenger of Your Perfect Space

How do I start working with a dream?

  1. Write your dream down and date it.

  2. Give your dream a title

  3. Relate your dream, in the present tense, and don’t give any back story. Just the dream details. As succinctly as possible.

  4. Ask yourself these basic questions (and expand on them – get really curious and adventurous. Think outside the square):

    1. FEELINGS – How did you feel immediately after you woke up?

      – Is there anything or anyone in the dream that resembles anything in this waking life?
      – Is there any possibility of any part of the dream occurring in the future?

    3. WHAT DO I WANT TO KNOW?  – There can be more than one question here

      What action(s) will you take to honour the dream?
      – Create from a dream – turn the dream into a story, a poem or an artwork
      – Take a physical action eg. wear a colour that featured, travel to a place from the dream, phone a friend who showed up in the dream etc.
      – Use an object or create a dream talisman to hold the energy of a dream.
      Eg. if you dream of a crystal, carry it with you or meditate with it.
      – Use the dream as a travel advisory.
      – Summarise the dream info on a cue card or hold it in an image you can physically carry.
      – go back into the dream to clarify details, dialogue with a dream character, explore the larger reality, or just have some great fun!

    5. ONE-LINER     – Give your dream a take away one liner (or a hashtag).

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