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Space Clearing

Space Clearing & Balancing Sessions are a must if:

  • You move into a new house
  • You want to sell your home or business –  it helps to clear any attachment and call in prospective buyers / new owners
  • There has been a relationship break up in your house.
  • You move in with a partner – especially if they have shared the space with a previous partner
  • There has been illness or injury in the house
  • There has been a death in the building
  • Before the birth of a baby

In a Space Clearing session the energy held in a particular space is cleared and balanced.

Once the space is clear, we invite or invoke the energy that YOU want to create in the space and in your life.

These sessions are extremely powerful and many people notice the change immediately.

Once a space is energetically cleared, the people in it will find there will be positive forward movement in their lives.

Your home is your sacred space; your sanctuary; the place where you should feel nurtured, safe and completely yourself.

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Space Clearing Case Studies Your Perfect Space Kate Llewellyn Creevey

Creating a Sacred Space

“If these walls could talk” is a common saying that is casually flung about, however the saying stems from the truth that all matter is energy – every single thing in the universe is energy vibrating at a particular frequency, and everything – the walls included – has an energetic memory and holds energetic imprints.

In order to live the best life we can, it is vital to understand that our homes and all of the objects within them are living entities that reflect our own consciousness and our lives.

As such they benefit from – and often desperately need- physical and energetic clearing and balancing – just as our own physical, emotional and spiritual bodies need regular cleansing and realignment.

When I work with the energies of a place, I am also working with the energies of the occupants of that space, with the strong intention of balancing both to create flow and support in all aspects of your life and on all levels of your being.

Conducting a Sacred Space Clearing is a powerful energetic ritual, which releases negative and stagnant energies of all types from your space and has the potential to be very transformative.

When working with energy, it is important to feel empowered, focused and open, with strong, positive intention.

Approximate Space Clearing Session Cost: 

Single storey 3 bedroom house  …   $200

Double storey home   …   $350

Small commercial premises   …   $200

Large commercial premises   …   depends on size and layout of premises.

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Contact me for an obligation-free phone chat or to book a Space Clearing session.

I conduct Space Clearings from Brisbane to Grafton and everywhere in between.

If you live further away than that, a travel cost will be added onto the the session cost.

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