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Space Clearing Case Studies


Some months ago I conducted a Space Clearing on a business, which occupies the largest floor space of four separate tenancies in its building. Originally only one business occupied the whole building, but several years ago the building was divided into four completely separate spaces, with four different tenants.

The building itself has a very interesting history and over many years a lot of traffic passing through it and the Feng Shui of the building indicated that it had a very unsettled and scattered energy, making it difficult to ground anyone or anything in the building.

The main purpose of the Space Clearing was to sell the business, as the owner had been trying for some time without success. Within a couple of weeks after the Space Clearing, the business sold to a new buyer. Goal achieved! In addition, after the Space Clearing, without being aware of what had happened, many of the customers commented on how amazing it felt in there, and the owner experience a great shift in her connection to the business which allowed her to feel free and release it.

This was obviously a fantastic result, but a few months later, the owner of the building came to me and said another long-term tenant was suddenly leaving, and would I please conduct a Space Clearing on that now-empty shop before the new business moved in. Happily I did so, and the new business has since been thriving.

But it doesn’t end there. The ripple effect continued, and just a few weeks ago, once again the owner contacted me, letting me know that the third tenant had ended his lease and had left quite suddenly. Now this particular tenant had been what you might call a problem tenant, never paying his rent on time, if at all, and bringing a stressful and very unpleasant energy to the whole situation.

His decision to leave so suddenly may have been coincidence, but what I believe actually happened was that once the spaces around him were cleared, the effects rippled into his shop and shook him up, because he no longer fit (or resonated) with the super-clear, beautiful grounded energy (frequency) now existing in the majority of the building.

So now he’s gone, the third Space Clearing has been conducted, and I’m waiting with interest to see what unfolds now with the last (and smallest) shop.

My feeling is that even if they stay, because they may be in alignment, there will be some sort of shake-up or change to their business. It may not happen for a few months, but it will happen.

Will these tenants stay or go? What do you think?

In addition, the owner of the building has now had a complete change of heart regarding her own business direction and priorities since I conducted the first Space Clearing session.

Stay tuned for more fascinating info and case studies…

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