Balancing the Helpful People and Support area of your home

What’s it all about and why is it so important to make sure this area of your home is in balance?

The North West sector of your home is often referred to as the “Helpful People and Travel” area, but I prefer to call it the “Helpful People and Support” area, because on a much deeper level, it actually reflects the level of support, guidance and connection you have in your life as a whole, and in our society of increased dis-connection, this is especially important.

Yes, we are in many senses more connected than ever before, with pretty much everything we “need” a mouse click away, however online connection does not translate to the connections that we really need. Physical connection, a heartfelt hug, the quality of relationships you have versus the “likes” on your Facebook page, your connection to the amazing planet we call home and, and most importantly, your connection to your core self, your true Divine Self, the Source of your being. These connections are the ones that bring you feelings of being seen and supported, rather than being isolated and alone, and you cannot underestimate their importance.

On another level, this area also relates to the father or alpha male of the house (if there is one). The state of this area will reflect how supported and how motivated he feels, and this can have a huge impact on the rest of the household, because if he isn’t motivated to do what he needs to, to support his family, or if he is struggling with moving through life and feeling positive in himself, this will ripple out to everyone close to him and can cause problems in all other areas of his, and your, life.

The North West sector is governed by the metal element, and colours that enhance the energy of this element are white, metallic colours and earthy colours such as yellows and browns. Reds in this sector are a real no-no (here’s a personal case study to give you an idea, but there’s a lot more to it that I go into in my workshops and private assessments).    

So how do you get better support? What can you do to remedy or neutralise problems in this area?

If this sector is completely or partially missing, it needs to be balanced by placing either a strong metal or earth element object in the area. For example, you might place a lemon tree in a large metal or earthenware pot in the area, or a striking sculpture or statue. The fix will be dependent on your own particular style and the layout of your house and garden.

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  1. Thanks Kate, perfectly timed, just what I needed. You are indeed a Gem 🙂 Can you do some more blogs for the other sectors? I love getting your emails and looking at your website, so inspirational and helpful.
    Thanks Annette

    1. Post

      Thank you so much Annette (and apologies for the tardy response – I’ve been offline for a while). Yes I will absolutely, stay tuned! Hope all is in balance with you and your home and family. xo

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