healing properties of Lapis Lazuli

Why is Lapis Lazuli such a popular crystal?

The healing properties of Lapis Lazuli are many. Used by the ancients to adorn the tombs and headdresses of Egyptian pharaohs and kings and to ward off the evil eye, Lapis Lazuli was also a very popular choice for jewellery and carved ornaments, as well as being crushed up for use in various cosmetics and medicines. Nowadays if you see a Persian carpet with blue in it, chances are the colour has come from crushed Lapis as well.

This incredible sparkly stone helps us to see the divinity within ourselves, the vast limitless beauty of our beings, our Soul. It is a landscape full of treasures – the Pyrite flecks the golden light of illumination and highest spiritual truth, the Calcite a new way of being, connection to your all-knowing spontaneous self.

Traditionally associated with royalty, to me Lapis Lazuli carries a powerful priestess energy – I say priestess, because this is symbolic of the Divine and Sacred Feminine in every being, that which we need to awaken, accept and attune to in order to reach our full potential.

Lapis can shine the light on the inner and outer beauty you may have trouble seeing or recognising in daily reality.

A stone of the ancients, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful tool to use with and at the Third Eye, cleansing and activating that energy centre and allowing the “far-seeing” inner eye to open and awaken.

When you see things as they truly are, as Lapis allows, and accept the truths revealed, then you can become connected and grounded and deeply empowered in your body, in your life and in your Soul’s experience.

“Buddhist beliefs recommended Lapis Lazuli as a stone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. In Europe Lapis was also thought to cure various illnesses and to be an antidote for snakebite”. (Book of Stones). I can’t vouch for the snakebite properties and hope I’ll never have to try… but it’s an intriguing statement and one I shall explore further for evidence!

Healing properties of Lapis Lazuli

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