Healing Crystals


This is the newest addition to my family of healing crystals and its energy is just exquisite. This beauty is nicknamed Rhodo Calcite as it was apparently found with a Rhodochrosite deposit hence it’s gorgeous pinkish colour and divine, nurturing energy.

Rhodo Calcite crystal. Try a powerful crystal healing with Kate Messenger of Your Perfect Space near Byron Bay.

My own experience of this crystal was intense. In summary, at one point the boundaries between my consciousness and the crystal actually dissolved and we felt as one, and then waves of nausea started rolling through my body for several minutes. Once they passed I felt the energy within my being had shifted enormously, and I felt very grounded and peaceful, nurtured and held in deep love.

Here’s what I read about this crystal (author unknown):

“A gentle stone of peace, balance and well-being, this crystal helps move through challenging times of trauma including abuse, relationship breakdown, grief and loss. It supports us during these times and through times of overwhelming change and transition by helping us release old negative core beliefs and patterning that no longer serve our highest good. Helping to move stagnant and negative energies that allow our true state of unconditional love to flow freely again, this stone cleanses and energises and may help with one’s spiritual growth and development. It may restore self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and motivation. Cleanses the auric field and aligns chakras.” 

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