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Feng Shui

Create noticeable improvements in your life by making the right changes within your home.

Your home is literally a map of your life – your health, relationships, finances and more!

Feng Shui is not about money toads and Chinese coins – as much as possible we work with the things you already have in your home, moving – or removing them – if need be, changing or adding things if appropriate, and channelling the energy flow to your best advantage.  [For more technical information, click here ]


  • Boost your relationships
  • Improve your health
  • Enhance your career or business
  • Sleep better
  • Tap into your creativity
  • Access better support and guidance
  • Help your kids to thrive
  • Get what you want out of life!
  • Manifest more money
  • Clear out old energy
  • Create a balanced and harmonious space.
  • Start making your dreams a reality!

*changes and improvements will only happen if you take action and implement the recommended changes. ♥

Please Note:

I will only conduct Feng Shui assessments after I have completed a full Space Clearing on the house or commercial premises.

Feng Shui Assessment Cost  

(Not including Space Clearing session cost):


♦   For a single storey, 3 bedroom home approximate fee is $350

♦   For a double storey home approximate fee is $500

(exact fee to be confirmed upon booking)

Fees are payable up front.  Payment is accepted by cash, credit card or Paypal.

Every assessment includes a written report.

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