One thing I learned about Feng Shui from my step-son…

…was that sometimes there will be a room in your home that you have absolutely no control over, even if it is your house.

Image thanks to woodsignsbypatti

Image thanks to woodsignsbypatti

This can be incredibly frustrating and can represent a major block or challenge around a particular aspect of your life, or several aspects of your life.

In my case, the challenge was on several levels.

On the physical and obvious level, there was a room that was constantly filthy and so messy you literally couldn’t see the floor. I think even the cockroaches were scared to go in there!

Periodically my stepson would have a tidying spree, usually when it got so bad I would plead with his dad to threaten some dire consequence and he would grudgingly start the enormous process of cleaning it up.

As a side note, this is a fascinating process to observe, because initially it is seriously overwhelming and exhausting for the person doing the cleaning to even contemplate dealing with that kind of clutter, but once they start, and as the room becomes clearer, they become more and more energised and it becomes easier and easier!

But, as with many kids and teens, these things don’t last and the room would degenerate very quickly into the cesspit once again.

On a metaphysical level, whilst frustrating, this was also extremely fascinating, as this area in my home symbolises “Helpful People/Support & Travel”, and this was a time in my life when I really felt that not only were we as a family an island, without any support network, but I also felt that each of us within the family was quite isolated, and it didnt’ feel like there was any “glue” sticking us all together, so it was a lonely and anxious journey much of the time.

On yet another level, the “Helpful People/Support” sector relates to the dominant male or father of the house – in our case my husband.

Now if this area is out of balance or blocked – which it most definitely was – this can (and did) impact strongly on his motivation, energy levels and ability – or perceived ability – to go forth and make something of himself in the world. As you may imagine, this can be quite a big issue if this person is the major breadwinner of the family.

And so you can see how a block in an aspect of your life is represented and reflected by the state of an area in your home, and the same is true for your place of business.

I learned the hard way that you actually sometimes simply can’t fix or control an aspect of your life that involves someone else and their personal journey, and so if this is the case, often the lesson or challenge can be two-fold – it can also be a lesson in surrender, acceptance and compassion, and there needs to be a lot of trust in the Divine Will of the Universe, and the power of Divine Timing.

Until next time, wishing you love, abundance, health and harmony…. xo Kate

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