The Energetic Home - Feng Shui basics workshop with Kate of Your Perfect Space

Feng Shui Basics Workshop

Sunday, 14th January, 2pm – 4pm in  Clunes

 Kids Welcome! 

The Energetic Home

How to create a home that supports your life

If your home could speak, what would it be saying to you?

Your home not only has a huge impact on your life, but every home is actually a psychological profile of its inhabitants. By tuning into the deeper energy of your home, you can literally start to transform your life.

During this fun and fascinating workshop, qualified Feng Shui consultant and Space Clearing practitioner Kate Llewellyn Messenger of Your Perfect Space will show you how to tune in to your home, how to see where there is imbalance and how to begin harmonising it to reap the benefits throughout your life.

You will leave the workshop empowered with valuable insights and practical instructions.

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Cost: $25

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What we will cover

  • Tuning in to the energy of your home
  • How Energy flows in and around the home (and why it’s important)
  • How to attract positive energy into your home
  • Your home as a reflection of you, your state of mind and your life
  • Some basic imbalances and how to remedy them
  • Mirrors: Do’s and don’ts
  • Artworks & Objects: what energy are they carrying?
  • Particular problem areas
  • Areas over which you have little or no control and what this means in your life
  • Blocks and Blind Spots
  • The importance of Space Clearing
  • The healthy home
  • Compass School Feng Shui – brief summary
  • Brief summary and intro to the 8 sectors and a lead-in to workshop 2 for those that are interested in going deeper.

What to bring:

Nothing is necessary, but you are welcome to bring pictures or a floorplan of your home to help with visualisation.

Any workshop participant who books a private home assessment within one month of the workshop date will receive $50 off the price of their assessment.