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An unusual kind of Soup and the importance of Dream Reentry

I am standing in front of an enormous pot, stirring a bubbling soup of all kinds of human parts. I have been creating this soup for hours and it feels nourishing and nurturing. A woman enters the room and asks me if I would like her to add some herbs. I say thankyou and she scrapes what look like dog biscuits into the soup. Then she jokes: “did you kill all your relatives or something?” She is really lighthearted but I look down at the soup again and realise with total HORROR that it is full of bits and pieces of humans, and I know there is no way I can eat this!

Before you call the police, let me reassure you that this is a dream, I am not a deranged killer and it actually means something completely different to what you might be thinking, which I discovered by conducting a dream reentry.

You’ve probably had dreams in your life that are equally as disturbing at a first glance, or dreams that you dismiss as weird, useless or just completely cryptic. Well, cryptic and weird they may be, but no dream is useless or worth dismissing.

Your sleep time dreamscapes are deep, vast and rich playgrounds to explore for healing and guidance on a multitude of levels, and working actively with your dreams can yield unimaginable treasures and keys to truly living a life without limits. Dream reentry is a key to this practice.

If a dream is a place, as most indigenous cultures believe, then once you’ve been there, you can return to it any time you wish. Often the more disturbing or frightening the dream, the more courage required to revisit and confront it, but if you do, the more rewards you stand to receive.

Take the dream above. Had I walked away from this dream as it was, I may have been left with a lingering feeling that I was in fact quite a disturbed person. But instead, taking action to honour the dream by conducting a dream reentry into that particular dream space with focused questions led to a fascinating and deeply healing experience.

Dream reentry can be facilitated by listening to drumming or certain music to slip into an altered state of awareness, such as in meditation. It’s important before re-entering to create an entry portal, and to set an intention detailing what you want to do and find out once you’re back in there.

This was an easy dream to reenter, as it had such a potent energy. When I found myself standing in the kitchen I stood for a minute, watching my dream self stirring the soup, and then I began to ask her questions. For the sake of brevity, I won’t go into the exact questions, but the information I received was to this effect:

“The soup is not the actual physical parts of people. It is a homeopathic brew containing the energies of all of the people that contributed to who I am, and it contains strong ancestral and karmic patterning. I am told that drinking it will actually help to integrate and then release any of this patterning that no longer serves me.

The “dog biscuit herbs” that went into the soup were actually a type of energetic bone marrow – the very essence of what makes people. My initial horror in the dream turned out to be worry about other people’s perception and judgment, which is actually none of my business, and is in fact just their own projections.

Eventually, when my questions had been answered, my dream self urged me to drink the soup, and I did. It tasted like chicken soup, and it really felt deliciously warming and nurturing.

On drinking it, I suddenly found myself in the centre of a huge circle of people. I knew these were all my ancestors, although I couldn’t make out any names or faces.

All of a sudden every person in the circle sent out a beam of light into me that lifted me up. At first it felt really good and I went with it, but then it stopped feeling good and I realised I now needed to disconnect from the ancestral energies, so I created a golden cylindrical shield around myself and twirled in a fast circle, which threw off light beams and left me basking in my own light, feeling strong, empowered and free, connected to my own Light and that of Source.”

This is my dream and my experience, but did you know that if another person’s dream or vision resonates with you, you can “borrow” it and make it your own – use it and tap into your own healing and guidance from it. Make it your own healing meditation.

the butterfly effect healing

There are so many other things you can do with dreams, to help yourself and others, which are all explored in my weekly dream group and in private dreamwork sessions.

Let’s get a conversation going…. I’d love to hear your stories, dreams and questions below.


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