Gifting a dream to someone else. Wake up to what your dreams are trying to tell you with Kate Messenger of Your Perfect Space.

Gifting a dream to someone else.

Is it possible your dream contains a gift for someone else?

It’s extremely common that we dream of people we know, people in our lives. As with all dreams, when this happens, you want to do a reality check, in which you ask yourself questions about the elements of the dream, to establish whether this is something that might play out in the future, whether you might be working out something within you that needs balancing or sorting out, or many other scenarios.

If you dream about a friend, it may be that the person is holding up a mirror to something you need to look at within yourself, or it may be that there is a situation or interaction you’ve had that’s bothering you, and your soul is working through it, helping you to get clear on the best course of action, or best communication, or showing you a different perspective about a person or situation.

If you dream about another person, the dream is not necessarily about them!

However, there are times when you may dream a dream that is actually meant to be a gift for someone else, something that has come to help them in the form of a health advisory, a message they need to hear, something that will comfort, protect or guide them.

The tricky thing is: a) recognising whether this is the case and b) not forcing the dream – or more specifically, YOUR interpretation of the dream, on someone else. You cannot ever tell someone what a dream means for them, only what it means for you. And this may or may not feel true for them.

If you feel a dream may be a gift for someone else, one thing you can do is tell them the facts of the dream, with no judgement, no opinion, no projecting of your own stuff onto it. If you have strong feelings around the dream, you could also tell them your feelings both within the dream, and on waking from the dream.

For me personally, I have found that sometimes if a dream’s message is really important for someone else, I will be given the dream, or a version of the dream, more than once, particularly if I’m not getting the message or am resistant to sharing it, for whatever reasons.

Sometimes a dream is sent as a gift to bring comfort.

My friend’s mother died after a very long, extremely harrowing and devastating battle with illness, leaving my friend and her family exhausted, devastated and completely raw with deep grief and quite frankly awful, nightmarish last memories.

About two weeks after her death, I had the following dream:

“I am walking through a large and beautiful garden and I am on a treasure hunt for particular crystals. I find a Clear Quartz crystal and then a short time later I find a beautiful Blue Lace Agate crystal. As I continue to wander through the garden, I find myself among beautiful roses, and then suddenly I realise I have wandered into an area I am not supposed to be in.

It is very private, and very peaceful, and I know I cannot stay here. But as I turn to leave, I notice a house, with large, beautiful glass doors. And I know, without a doubt, that my friend’s mother is sleeping inside this beautiful room, and I know that her sleep is a deep, deep sleep of peace and renewal after her harrowing illness, her intense pain and fear of her journey into death.”

I leave this vividly real scene and wake up feeling very clear and peaceful, with a strong intuition to tell my friend about it. But I don’t, not immediately, as I fear she will think I am nuts. She might think, who am I to tell her anything about her mum, who I hardly knew, and why would I be receiving a message like this instead of her? But sometimes important messages or communications come to a person who is more distant from a situation or relationship, because they have no emotional baggage or blockage and are open to receiving in a different way, without the weight of fear or doubt or expectation, or whatever other issues might be getting in the way.  

A week later, I am given another dream, in which I see my friend at a party. It is late at night when she arrives, and when I see her I tell her, “I had a dream that I need to tell you”, and after I relate the dream above, she starts to cry, and as she hugs me, she asks me, “why did you wait so long to tell me?”

I wake from this second dream knowing that whatever she might think, I need to tell her this dream. But I also feel I need to offer it to her in a gentle and sensitive way, where she doesn’t feel on the sport, and can sit with it in her own space and allow it to do what it needs to for her without any pressure or interference.  So I email it to her.

In my email, I tell her: “I had these two dreams” (it felt important to tell her both) and they felt very real, and I felt it important to tell you”.

After a few days she emailed me back and told me that those dreams of mine had brought her great comfort, and had given her the gift of an image of her mother at peace, which helped her find some peace, because before that all she had been able to see was images of her mother going through intense pain and fear and suffering.

I believe that I was in a very real place, and that her mother was actually there, but that’s my story. Whatever she believes is hers. The main thing is that the message was passed on in a sensitive way that simply opened the way for her to take what she needed from it.

Obviously a gift like this is very different from something like a health advisory. If you have a dream that someone gets very sick, it is vitally important that you don’t just blurt this out to them, as it may cause unnecessary fear or panic (when the dream might well be about the death of a situation or aspect of your own life or self) . Instead I would recommend you sit with the dream, do the dreamwork process with it, and tune in to the world around you with a deeper awareness. Then if you really feel this is something you need to share, find a way to share it in a non-confronting and diplomatic way, always remembering not to project your own stuff onto it in relation to the person with whom you are sharing it.

I was very blessed and grateful recently to receive the gift of a dream from a dear friend and fellow dreamer. This person has been a “student” in my weekly dream group over the past year and I have watched with delight as his dreamwork has opened up a whole new world for him. It was a wonderful gift for him to offer me the beautiful power dream he did, so I can tell you first-hand the power of both giving and receiving a dream gift.

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