Dream Like a Pro in Six Weeks

Wake Up to your Dreams & what they’re trying to tell you

How to dream like a pro in six weeks

Six classes.  Wednesday 17th January – Wednesday 28th February

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Class 1 – Wednesday 17th January 6pm – 8pm

Core techniques of Active Dreaming

  • How to improve dream recall
  • Core technique and process for working with a dream
  • Keys to dream undestanding
  • Introduction to journalling
  • Dream sharing
  • Dream reentry – why it’s important & how to do it

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Wednesday 24th JanuaryNo Class

Class 2 –Wednesday 31st January 6pm – 8pm

Dreaming with Animal Guardians and Spiritual Guides

  • Review & brief discussion about Week 1 practices
  • How spirit guides appear in dreams
  • Journey to meet a Spirit Guide
  • Introduction to the Speaking Land
  • Honouring dream connections in waking life

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Class 3 –Wednesday 7th February 6pm – 8pm

Living Life with Synchronicity

  • Review & brief discussion about Week 2 practices
  • Using the world as your Oracle
  • Keys and rules to living by synchronicity
  • Different methods of divination and oracles

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Class 4 –Wednesday 14th February 6pm – 8pm

Dreams of Healing

  • Review & brief discussion about Week 2 practices
  • Why dreaming is vital for healing
  • How the body talks to us in dreams
  • How dreams reveal the spiritual sources of our symptoms
  • How dream imagery can promote wellness and self-healing
  • How dreams invite us to reclaim vital soul energy lost through pain, grief or addiction
  • How to ask for healing through dreams

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Class 5 –Wednesday 21st February 6pm – 8pm

Dream Play & Dream Creations

  • Review & brief discussion about Week 3 practices
  • Brief history of dream creations
  • Creative dream journalling
  • Turning dreams into stories, poems and artworks
  • Dream theatre

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Class 6 –Wednesday 28th February 6pm – 8pm

Dreaming with the Departed

  • Review & brief discussion about Week 4 practices
  • How and why the departed appear in dreams
  • Using dreams to enter loving communication with the departed
  • Receive guidance from or provide guidance to the departed
  • Develop personal rituals to honour and connect to our departed
  • Heal life relationships with our departed – it’s never too late and death is no barrier to healing

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Location: Clunes NSW

Duration: 6 x 2 hour classes.

Cost: $130 total

What to bring: Your dream journal, a pen & a sense of curiosity, openness & adventure!

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