What do your dreams mean? How can your dreams help you?

Fortnightly Dream Group

Learn how to:

– Take specific action to honour your sleeping dreams and  work out their messages,

– Reenter your dream space to get more information and help interpret your dreams

– Keep a dream journal that will become your most powerful treasure box and life tool

– set intentions and incubate dreams for practical use,

– tell if a dream might be a warning or dream of the future,

– Meet your Power Animals and other Guides and start working consciously with them

– increase your intuition,

create your own dictionary of signs & symbols

Access other levels of reality

Visit “past”, “future” and parallel selves for healing, guidance and entertainment!

– play Sidewalk Tarot & use the world as your oracle

– Embody your dreams and carry their power within you in waking life situations

Play with dreams through dream theatre

– Increase self-confidence, trust and self-empowerment

Find and bring back pieces of your Soul that have been left in other times or places

– share your dreams in a supportive and nurturing space

Connect with other dreamers!

– plus so much more…


$25 per class


♥  CLUNES GROUP  – Wednesday evening 6-7:30pm (fortnightly)

MULLUM GROUP  – Wednesday evening 6-7:30pm (fortnightly)


(Please note Online class requires pre-booking and payment)

For more information or to register

contact Kate now via phone on 0413 003 301 or email kate@yourperfectspace.com.au