Enhancing the Wood element in your home

Balancing the Wood element in your home

To honour the start of Spring, I thought it would be timely this week to talk about the element of Wood in your home, because in terms of Feng Shui, Spring is governed by the Wood element.

The Wood element rules two sectors of your home – the East and Southeast sectors.

The East relates to your health and family relationships, and the Southeast relates to abundance* – not just financial abundance, but your perception of the abundance and blessings in your life. If either or both of these areas of out of balance, you will notice imbalance in these areas of your life. 

So how do you enhance the East and Southeast areas of your home?

Colours that are complementary to the East and Southeast areas of your home are blues, greens and black – of course other colours here are fine too, but if you can add a noticeable dash of any of these colours, in the form of soft furnishings, artworks etc, they will enhance the energy here. Placing wooden furniture and rectangular objects in this area also nourishes and supports the energy here, as do green leafy plants or gorgeous flowers (just make sure you discard when they start to wilt!).

What if the area is “missing”?

Missing, or partially missing, areas of a building reflect an imbalance or lack in that particular area of your life, so if possible they need to be balanced, usually by placing a supportive object or structure in the area.

For these areas governed by the wood element, green leafy plants or trees are a perfect remedy, either in a garden or, if on a balcony or verandah, leafy plants or small trees in a pot would be perfect. Also wooden furniture or nature inspired artworks or sculptures (wooden, not ceramic or metal) will be perfect.  

(*Note: the true wealth sector of your home is actually determined by creating a specific mathematical chart, called the Flying Star chart, which relates very specifically to your individual home. This is something that is done during a Feng Shui consultation)

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