Balancing the Family Relationships and Health sector of your home

With the so-called festive season picking up pace as we approach Christmas, I’m noticing that people around me seem to be exhausted already, running from one event to the next, with hardly a break, and anyone with kids knows they are all completely exhausted by this time of the school year, which ratchets up the tension in many households.

For many, the festive season is anything but festive, and Christmas and all that comes with it is a hugely stressful and painful time for many people, either due to the loss of a loved one, family tensions, dealing with blended family dynamics, or having no family at all.

So I thought it was timely to talk this week about the family relationships and health sector of your home, which is the East sector of the building. Now obviously the state of your home as a whole impacts your health, and looking at “the healthy home” is another whole pile of articles (stay tuned), but the family relationships and health sector reflects your general level of health and wellbeing, and how healthy your family relationships are.

My own personal experience with this sector has been enlightening (in hindsight!), and you can read my story that shows you a great example of how this sector can have an impact…

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Enhancing & improving the Family Relationships and Health Sector

The Family Relationships and Health sector is governed by the Wood element, which is enhanced by the following:

  • the colours blue, green and black,
  • wooden objects,
  • green leafy plants,
  • Artworks featuring nature
  • rectangular objects.

Balancing the Wood Element in your home. Your Perfect Space

Colours to avoid in this area are fiery colours such as red, which “burn up” the wood energy (there are exceptions to this, as in some specific cases red can be used to remedy a particular Flying Star energy).

The Family Relationships and health sector, which I talk about in my personal renovation story, also governs the eldest son of a household, if he is living at home. What this means is, if the area is in balance, the eldest son should be thriving. He should be motivated, have good energy levels, feel supported, and be able to make his way through his life in a positive and balanced way.

If the area is unbalanced or missing, you will likely find that he will struggle with motivation, he may feel tired and drained, and he may feel as if he is lacking support and grounding.

To bring the missing area into more balance, add one or more large green leafy plants, a tree or a large wooden object, such as a piece of furniture or a wooden statue or artwork

Feng Shui, like everything else, is not cut and dried. So remedying or balancing the Family Relationships and health sector may not be a fix-all. It’s also important to look at the spaces that each member of the house spends time in, particularly bedrooms, as the state of those will also have a strong impact on each person.

Got questions or need help with balancing your home and family? Contact Kate to enquire or book a home assessment.

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