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How can Feng Shui open the door to your better life?

Your home is literally a map of your life – your health, relationships, finances and more!

Making the right changes to various parts of your home can bring noticeable improvements into your life and experiences…

What can Feng Shui help you with?           EVERYTHING!


Health ~ Relationships ~ Finances ~ Career ~ Reputation ~ Creativity ~ Your Children ~

General Wellbeing ~ Energy Clearing and balancing ~ Clearing your clutter ~

~ Get organised without feeling overwhelmed ~


Here are just some of the things I look at in a Feng Shui assessment, and how working with them can help open the door to your better life.

  • Get more money by putting a water feature in the right place – in the wrong place it can be disastrous for your finances!
  • Why mirrors in the bedroom are a BAD idea and what you can do about them.
  • Get a great night’s sleep and boost your health and relationships by moving your bed.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall – how mirrors can enhance – or destroy – the vibe in a room.
  • Is your house making you sick…? And how to fix it.
    (Things you really need to know about mould, dust mites and chemicals in your home and safe alternatives)
  • Feeling alone or lacking support? Look at where it’s missing and how to get it!
  • Feeling stuck?  Let’s get you moving again!
  • Feng Shui – it’s not about money toads and Chinese coins – it’s about working with the things you actually have in your home, moving them around if need be, and manipulating the energy flow to your best advantage.
  • Clearing out bad vibes –  why it’s important and how it can help.
  • Tapping into your deepest hopes and dreams and making them a reality!
  • How can your dreams help you?

I cover all this and much more in every assessment! Got questions? Contact me now …

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